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In the Golden Triangle or Xieng Khaeng Region, Muang Sing, Luang Namtha Province, Laos
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Luang Namtha Trek
3 Days Trek-The Akha Experience (ID: NT-TK-09)
Trekking Area: Muang Sing town
Hike daily approx. Day 1: 5-6, Day 2: 4-5 & Day 3: 2-3 hour
Moderate- difficulty, short hill climbs and descent
Trip Overview
The Akha Experience is an experiential tour which will take you on a 3-day learning experience into the culture and daily life of the Akha in Muang Sing. You will have personal interactions with the villagers and have the opportunity to experience first hand from the Akha themselves the Akha culture and way if life. This three-day, two-night trekking tour is about culture exchange, about gaining knowledge about Akha life trekking in remote jungle areas is not the main focus of the tour.
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Day 1: Muang Sing- Nam Keo Noi Waterfall- Ban Lao Khao (approx. 5-6 hours trekking)
The Tour departs from That Xieng Tueng, Muang Sings most sacred Bhuddist site. For the first hour the tour follows the old French road which was cut through the jungle in colonial times. You can still witness some remains of a soldier camp.  The trail goes up and down, reaching about 1,100 m altitude. After three hours trekking through primary and secondary forest, lunch is prepared by the villagers of Lao Khao at the beautiful Nam Keo Noi waterfall. Food is cooked in the traditional Akha way using local products, forest vegetables and ancient techniques. After lunch, carry on together with the villagers of Lao Khao to the old village site and walk through pine forest and old growth forest before descending to their village. On the trail the guides have a forest activity such as bird watching, collecting bamboo shoots and medicinal plants, depending on season and villagers suggestions. Stay overnight at the lodge in Ban Lao Khao. While waiting for dinner, visit the village with the Ban Lao Khao hosts.  Walk around the village, observe how the villagers feed their husbandry and prepare for the day ending.  Listen to traditional musical instruments, stories and legends while watching the preparation of the evening meal. You could also ask about traditional Akha architecture. After dinner you will receive a massage which traditionally is given to guests staying overnight in the village. You can go off listening to the courting songs of the youth at the courting grounds. This first day is a moderate to strenuous walk. It is the most exhausting of the three days trekking.
Day 2: Ban Lao Khao- Ban Phou Yae- Ban Houeinagang- Ban Eu La- Ban Tamee (approx. 4-5 hours trekking)
After breakfast start walking to Ban Phou Yae. The trail passes through old secondary forest. During the trek, the village guides can tell you about old trees inhabited by spirits and show you the place where wild animals come for drinking water. The forest also provides an abundance of wild fruits. Arrive in Ban Phou Yae where you will be the guest of a family for lunch. After lunch continue to Ban Houeinagang. Stop for an afternoon bite or some tea in Ban Houeinagang and do a village activity such as cotton spinning, making and playing with children’s toys, or pounding rice. Continue to Ban Eula. Along the way you can learn about upland rice cultivation and during planting season try it yourself.  You will also learn about the new cash crop being planted in the area: Rubber. The forest is quickly disappearing to rubber production – find out why the villagers engage in this new activity. (And through your presence help to protect the forest.)  Continue on to Ban Tamee where you will stay overnight. After a nice hot shower tour the village and learn about home life and marriage customs. Dare riding on a buffalo! Enjoy the traditional massage before listening to the villagers playing traditional instruments. They will invite you to sing along or try out the instruments. This is also a good time to try Lao Lao, the Lao rice liquor, in case you have not done this before.
Day 3: Ban Tamee- Ban Nam Hoo- Ban Phiyer (approx. 2-3 hours trekking)
After breakfast, do an activity with the Akha women such as cotton spinning, pounding rice or feeding the pigs. They will appreciate your attention and willingness to learn about the Akha daily life. Spend some time with the children, they will enjoy new games or you can learn theirs. Depart for Ban Nam Hoo. Along the way share some of the agricultural activities with locals. Learn and experience paddy rice farming and realize just how much work has to be done before you can eat your rice! Stop for a break in Ban Nam Hoo, where there is time for another village activity. Afterwards, walk through the forest to see a magnificent view of Muang Sing. Do a forest activity with the villagers. Lunch is served in Ban Mona, where you eat with one of the families. Visit the village handicraft store in Ban Piyer and take the opportunity to buy some handicrafts. You will be supporting the local economy and can have a beautiful souvenir or present for friends and relatives. Take the truck back to Muang Sing around 2 o’clock.
Pricing: Rate: 1US$/8,000 LAK
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Price Include:
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Local guide “ Akha guide”
  • Covered transport “Your hotel-Luang Namtha-Muang Sing-Luang Namtha-your hotel”
  • Overnight in village eco-lodge & Akha families”
  • Blanket, sleeping-mat & mosquito nets are supplied.
  • Meals-Lunch x 3, Dinner x 2, Breakfast x2
  • Drinking water during the trip
  • Trekking permit & provincial tax on net income
  • Tour service
Not including: Personal expenses, beverages, tips and optional excursions.
Booking the Trek in Luang Namtha, Laos
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We are proud to say that Phou Iu Travel and Eco-tourism's branch office in Luang Namtha is owner of Phou Iu III Guest House, an award winning Eco lodge.
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Together we are working hard to make our programs in Luang Namtha a model for community-based ecotourism. We work closely with local villagers to ensure that they have ownership in tourism, benefit financially from it, and thus feel encouraged to cooperate with us in protecting the environment and natural beauty of their own lands. The villagers are our full partners and we can assure you that they want you to visit them. The money from your tour not only benefits the villagers, it also goes to strengthen the management of the Nam Ha National Protected Area.
Luang Namtha, the birthplace of ecotourism in Laos, has greener tourism than anywhere else in Laos. Phou Iu Travel and ecotourism has been a member of The Luang Namtha Sustainable Tourism Network is supported by the Community-Based Tourism for Sustainable Economic Development Project (CBT-SED), involving the: Luang Nam Tha Department of Tourism, Laos National Tourism Administration, and New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Our guides will take you into the villages and forests of Luang Namtha in a sensitive and responsible way. We strive to make tourism a positive experience for all.
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